Looney Tunes

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Few cartoons are as well-known and famous as Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes. Starting in the 1930s with their short cartoon “Sinkin' in the Bathtub,” Looney Tunes went on to achieve great success. Their popularity is largely due to their lineup of eccentric characters starting with Porky Pig in 1935 and followed by Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny who are now all ingrained in pop culture. In the 1950s, Looney Tunes made their way to TV where they were able to reach an even wider audience, which further amplified their popularity. Aside from cartoons, Looney Tunes have seen great success in movies, especially the 1996 classic Space Jam. With a large ensemble of time-honoured, colourful, charismatic characters and continued innovation, Looney Tunes remains a successful name in popular culture. 

At Impact our wholesale range of Looney Tunes merchandise includes: Looney Tunes Posters; Mugs and Drinkware; Stationery; Canvas and Art Prints.

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